Rent the Garden of Hope for you Special Event

Thank you for your interest in using the Garden of Hope and Courage (GOHAC) as a venue for your next event. The GOHAC is pleased to make its facilities available for special events. However, because the garden is a healing sanctuary for hospital patients, employees and members of the Naples Community and also a living museum of plants and trees, there are a number of restrictions placed upon its use.

Beautiful wedding photography taken in the Garden of Hope and Courage by Tonya Malay.  To help you make your decision regarding the use of the Garden we ask that you study our guidelines carefully. The Garden of Hope and Courage, Inc. (“GOHAC”) is a non-profit 501( c ) ( 3 ) organization. Located on the downtown campus of the NCH Healthcare System, the garden, a memorial for a loved one who passed on from breast cancer, is a healing sanctuary designed to provide emotional and physical support to hospital patients. By blending water, plants, sculpture and the natural topography of the earth into a therapeutic retreat, the garden offers patients a chance to reduce their negative emotions and stress. Consisting of a formal garden, children’s garden, and an open air pavilion, the garden holds a one-acre lake as its centerpiece. A walkway encircles the lake and is surrounded by beautiful flower gardens, trees and benches. Its purpose is to inspire hope and courage; two necessary ingredients in the fight against cancer and all illness.

Because of the uniqueness of the garden, GOHAC does not allow any activity or event which may result in disturbance of the hospital patients or damage to the garden grounds. All activities and entertainment must be approved in advance by the Garden Board of Directors. All GOHAC rules are in place to protect both the integrity of the garden and that of our relationships with patrons, donors, the Naples community and the Hospital Staff.


• Garden facilities may be used for special events including wedding ceremonies and receptions, memorial services, fundraisers and other events approved by the Garden Board of Directors.

• Wedding ceremonies can be held (50 and under guests – under the pavilion or trellis, ceremony only.)

• Garden facilities may not be used for political events.

• All printed materials (invitations, announcements, press releases, etc.) relating to the event using the GOHC logo or name must be presented to the GOHC Executive Director for approval prior to final printing.

• Garden is rented “as is”. Decoration must be approved in advance and should be limited to table decorations and free standing decorative elements. Nothing can a fixed to any Garden surfaces (trees, pavilion columns, trellis, etc.) Only banners or signage can be hung by rope from railings. Other consideration as to where and how signage can be used must be approved by the Executive Director.

• No candles, confetti, silly string, glitter, rice or birdseed can be used.

• The Garden is a “non-smoking” venue.

• Music is allowed under the Tommy Bahama Pavilion however amplification systems and volume levels must be approved in advance by the Executive Director. Other forms of entertainment and presentations must be reviewed in advance.

• Photographers are permitted in the Garden for an event with Executive Director approval.

• Audio Visual is permitted.

• Valet parking can be used with the approval of Naples Community Hospital. Confirmation of the availability to use a hospital parking lot will be communicated by the Executive Director per hospital approval. *Please note that evening events are easy to accomodate with parking than day time.

• The GOHC provides only the site. The client shall provide all services such as catering, rental tables, chairs, etc.

• Catering must be prepared off site and delivered unless approved by the Executive Director.


• Events can be scheduled in the garden during the evenings
(Thursday – Saturday, 4 p.m. -9 p.m.).

• Events can be scheduled during the day
(Tuesday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

• The Garden will not be used for special events (Sunday or Monday) unless otherwise approved by the Garden Board of Directors.

Alcohol Use

If liquor is sold or served, an appropriate liquor license must be obtained by the client and displayed at the event.• Prior to the event, the client must provide the Executive Director with a copy of the liquor license or permit.• Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age.

Clean Up

• The client is responsible for all event clean up.

• Clients are responsible for ensuring that their contracted caterer, entertainment, etc. are aware of all clean up responsibilities.

• If caterer cannot, for any reason provide full clean up, the client is responsible for contracting a clean up service.

• The GOHC does not provide after-party clean up.

• Failure to adhere to clean up rules may result in loss of security deposit.

• Any labor required by GOHC personnel to clean post event will incur a $100.00 per hour charge.

• The client must provide additional trash receptacles during the event. There are multiple trash receptacles throughout the garden. These may be used, but all trash must be removed post event.

Payment and Refund


If the event request is for a wedding ceremony, it is asked that the Bride/Groom make a $300 donation to the Garden of Hope and Courage.

Events can be hosted Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am – 9 pm

Events 100 guests and under – $1,000.00 rental fee

Events 101 – 200 – $2,000.00 rental fee *Events with over 100 guests will be brought before the board for board approval

• If fees are not paid on time, the GOHC reserves the right to cancel and retain deposits.
• Deposits will be returned only if GOHC is notified two weeks prior to the event.
• Exceptions may be made for emergency (i.e. hurricane) situations that may arise closer to the date.
• Any damage to the Garden of Hope and Courage in excess of $150 to repair will be at the expense of the client.